Census for US coins with major die rotations ranging from 90 - 180 degrees


The purpose of this page will be to put together a census for all U.S. rare coins and modern coins known to exist with major die rotation (rotated reverse)of 90 degrees to 180 degrees. This is NOT an effort to put together a condition census or price guide for these rare coins but strictly to list all available coins known from every denomination and what degree of rotation is known to exist. I will however list the grade of each coin known if possible along with the date,denomination and degree of rotation. Any one wishing to add their rare coins or a modern coin to the list of known coins can do so by sending their list to me showing date,denomination,grade and degree of rotation. I can not do this alone,only with the help of other collectors can this venture succeed. THANK YOU in advance for your help. Also I am always looking to add rare coins or a modern coins to my personal rotated die collection so if you have any rotated die coins for sale please send description,condition and price. Send to



Rotated die coins usually occur in two different ways, the first being the mint employee installs the die incorrectly so the obverse and reverse do not line up properly when the coin is struck and the second is when the die becomes loose and then moves a little bit as each new coin is struck. You generally can make a fairly accurate guess as to the rotation of a coin by looking at it but the only way to get an exact measurement is by using a device designed to measure a coins rotation. There have been several made over the years but the only one currently available is called a "ROTA FLIP" by LEROY VAN ALLEN. The following is a list of all rare coins and modern coins known with rotated dies and the approximate degree of rotation for each coin along with a grade if available. Where a coin is known to have more than one with the same degree of rotation all known grades will be listed. This list will in no way show all known types or dates of coins available as it will be a work in progress that will take many years and lots of input from other rare coin and modern coin collectors to be any where near successful. Help from any and all collectors who submit information will be greatly appreciated.


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1920 Maine 50¢ Rotated 95°ccw 1847-O $10 Rotated 175cw
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